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Podcast: Coffee Chat with a Vendor: Getting to Know Our Partners

Welcome to the Heart of Our Podcast Series: Coffee Chat with a Vendor: Getting to Know Our Partners 

Dive deep into the world of innovation, collaboration, and industry insights with our exclusive podcast series. Each episode unveils the stories, experiences, and expertise of remarkable guests, including industry leaders, innovators, and the brilliant minds behind our Vendor partners.
Explore the evolution of our partnerships, hear about standout projects, and gain valuable insights into the ever-changing landscape of the wire and cable industry. From personal anecdotes to industry trends, each episode is a journey into the heart of collaboration.
Tune in, hit play, and join us on this exciting exploration of Vendor's world. Stay connected, stay inspired!

Volume 1:

Episode Details:
Guest: Ryan Lewallen from Commodity Cables
Duration: 27m:43s

In this captivating episode, we sit down with Ryan Lewallen, a key figure from Commodity Cables, one of our esteemed vendors as he shares anecdotes, experiences, and standout projects that define the strength of our partnership. Click on the play button.

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